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Moving forward

May 9, 2017

Well, folks, it’s official. We made it through the first hundred days, plus some. It was a long hundred days, what with the constant news streaming out of DC. And it was a hard hundred days. We’ve marched, protested, huddled, donated, called, faxed, and written. And our work is not done.


Thursday morning, just after the House voted in favor of the AHCA, I couldn’t help but reflect upon the fact that not caring is privilege. When representatives voted in favor of taking health care away from 24 million people, removing protections for those with pre-existing conditions, and more, they did so knowing it would not affect them. Their ability to not care about millions of Americans is a privilege.


And for those of us that do care, it’s infuriating. It’s exhausting. Caring is hard. It’s mentally, emotionally, and physically taxing. Caring weighs on us. Caring compels us to take action.


And some days, it seems it’d be easier to ignore it all. To turn off my phone, my computer, ignore the news, and pretend that my family and I exist independent of all that goes on in DC and the nation. And from time to time, we do all need a break. But I know I can’t ignore it for long. Because not caring is a privilege. One that’s not afforded to many.


And so I call on you to keep caring with us. To keep speaking out not only for your benefit, but on behalf of all those affected by this administration's actions. Those who have no option but to care. As the national organizers  recently wrote, “When one community is harmed, all of our communities are harmed. We are all part of one movement, and we pledge allegiance to the survival and liberation of all people.”


So here’s how you can join us as we move forward and continue to advocate on behalf of all:


  1. Sign the Pledge of Liberation. Renew your commitment to the collective liberation of all people by signing here.

  2. Keep up-to-date on local events. We have committed ourselves to connecting people with local actions and organizations already at work in Kitsap. We will continue to post upcoming events on the website calendar and send out weekly lists of events. We also are excited to have just published our first bi-monthly newsletter. These newsletters will outline the work our members have been doing around different causes and provide additional ideas and resources to contribute to that work.

  3. Keep checking back here. We will continue to post periodically on this blog. We plan to use this as a space where we can share information and also reflect on the Women’s March’s 10 Actions in 100 Days. We admit they were released a little faster than we could keep up with, but we also want to be intentional in connecting them to meaningful work in our community. So we plan to keep discussing the posted Actions and how their goals can be accomplished in Kitsap County.

  4. Keep checking our website. We appreciate your patience as we’ve been pulling resources and information together. (And adding members to our team. Want to serve as a liaison? Contact us!) We will keep updating sections, such as the recommended actions recently posted in regards to LGBTQIA Rights, Healthcare, and Education.

  5. Keep connecting with people, celebrating victories, and taking care of yourself. We will continue to hold meetings every other month. We will also keep connecting online in our Facebook Huddle group and helping to connect you to other individuals and organizations in our community. We’ve got a long road ahead, and we won’t make it alone.

Keep caring. Keep pushing on. Keep taking action. Because, together, we rise.

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