Women's March

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We stand in agreement with the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington when they say:

“We firmly declare that LGBTQIA Rights are Human Rights and that it is our obligation to uplift, expand and protect the rights of our gay, lesbian, bi, queer, trans or gender non-conforming brothers, sisters and siblings. We must have the power to control our bodies and be free from gender norms, expectations and stereotypes.”

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Action Items:


  1. Get involved in local organizations that advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. For example, organizations like Washington Won’t Discriminate and WA SAFE Alliance - Kitsap have been able to call on their members to act quickly against threats against the transgender community. You could also consider joining a group like Kitsap PFLAG or volunteering with the Q Center.

  2. Educate yourself. There are lots of great resources out there to better understand the experiences of the LGBTQIA community. Particularly exciting is this new (free!) online course from Stanford University that aims to boost understanding of transgender kids through a series of short videos.

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