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We believe that everyone has the right to affordable healthcare.

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On the National Level:


  1. The battle for healthcare is not over. Republicans may not have been able to repeal the ACA, but they are doing everything in their power to undermine it.

  2. Find out who supported the repeal bills and hold them accountable. If your Representative voted in favor of the bill, be sure to let them know how you feel about it and remind them to whom they are accountable. If your Representative voted against it, thank them and ask them what their plan is to stop future repeal bills from passing. You can find contact info for your legislators here. You can also use resources like Resistbot to help you get in touch.

  3. Check out the Indivisible Guide for their latest toolkit, filled with resources for navigating and promoting open enrollment, which lasts until January 15 in Washington state.


In Kitsap County:


  1. Follow and support the efforts to keep a hospital open in Bremerton. CHI Franciscan currently plans to relocate 242 licensed beds from Harrison Bremerton to Harrison Silverdale and eventually close the East Bremerton hospital. The state recently held a reconsideration hearing for 85 beds to remain in Bremerton. Their decision is expected on November 9. UFCW21 is continuing to accept stories that support keeping the beds in Bremerton.

  2. Advocate for safe staffing practices. Harrison hospital staff members have reported that “support staff are being whittled down under CHI Franciscan and employees are being asked to work long hours, creating unhealthy conditions for patients and caregivers.” Read and add your name to their requests by signing the Vital Care Checklist. Or check out the UFCW21 website to join an action team.

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