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12.14.2017 - We donated personal care items to the YWCA of Kitsap County.

11.09.2017 - We began our meetup series.

10.28.2017 - We conducted a workshop: Fighting White Supremacy Through Daring Discussions.

09.13.2017 - We supported KPAN in hosting a town hall with Wash. Dem. Chair Tina Podlowski. (notes)

09.08.2017 - We packed the reconsideration hearing, fighting to keep a hospital in Bremerton.

08.28.2017 - We marched across the Manette Bridge to commemorate MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech.

08.19.2017 - We joined Kitsap SURJ to explore the ways white supremacists operate in Kitsap.

08.17.2017 - We participated in Representative Derek Kilmer's Advocacy Training. (notes)

08.14.2017 - We donated school supplies to the Kitsap Foster Care Association.

08.13.2017 - We organized a vigil in response to the white supremacist terrorist attack in Charlottesville.

08.09.2017 - We huddled! (notes)

08.09.2017 - We attended Representative Derek Kilmer's Poulsbo Town Hall. (notes)

08.05.2017 - We organized a Solidarity Day at the Northwest Detention Center.

07.15.2017 - We volunteered at and attended Kitsap Pride.

06.14.2017 - We huddled! (notes)

06.11.2017 - We attended the Kitsap Pride Picnic + Rally.

05.10.2017 - We joined other local progressive groups to form the Kitsap Progressive Action Network.

04.22.2017 - We rallied for and participated in the March for Science in Seattle.

04.15.2017 - We rallied for and participated in the Black Lives Matter March on Seattle.

04.13.2017 - We participated in the Women for Syria Day of Action.

04.05.2017 - We huddled! (notes)

04.01.2017 - We donated books and stuffed animals and joined the NWDC Resistance's Solidarity Day.

03.11.2017 - We gathered for the ACLU's Launch of People Power.

03.08.2017 - We celebrated International Women's Day and participated in Day Without a Woman.

02.25.2017 - Members participated in the Kitsap Builds Bridges, Not Walls vigil.

02.23.2017 - We attended Representative Derek Kilmer's Bremerton town hall.

02.13.2017 - We gathered to write valentines, thanking elected officials and others for their hard work.

02.08.2017 - We huddled!

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